The Stitcher

Patent pending

The Stitcher is a small hand-held suturing device that closes skin wounds.
A simple press of a button concludes in one finished stitch. 

The Stitcher assures a simple, intuitive and fast way of healing a wound.

Why use The Stitcher?

No needle stick injuries
Time- and money saving wound treatment

Usable for all healthcare personnel

Easy animal wound treatment

Quality wound closure every time
More compliant patients with the fear of needles

Who needs The Stitcher?

International humanitarian medical organizations
The military
Animal hospitals
Isolated work environments such as drilling rigs etc.

Conventional manual suturing methods are slow; each hand-made stitch takes about 30-45 seconds, and often multiple stitches are needed. The Stitcher can close wounds up to 10 times faster than the conventional method. Its intuitiveness lets the user handle the job of wound closure without any training and it is easy and safe to use. The user never comes in contact with the needle and thereby avoids possible infectious needlestick injuries.

The Stitcher will save lives in the developing countries, save precious treatment time of wounded soldiers and reduce the risk of complications. Furthermore, The Stitcher can be used by a veterinary physician or other similar personnel on animals that can not comply during the time-consuming sutures. The farmer, stud farm owner or zoo owners will save money and time on not having the injured animals sedated when a veterinarian must stitch a wound.

The Stitcher embodies Scandinavian quality and the Danish innovative mindset that ensures the required reliability and safety in the medical field.