Esgaard is a Danish start-up company located in Aarhus. The two founders Mads Holbech Esmann and Christine Aarenstrup Daugaard have achieved great experience in the healthcare system through their nearly ended medical study. Furthermore, their medical background has given both founders an understanding of the general treatment of wounds – and the possible terrifying complications if not treated correctly. In the study of medicine, technical education of suturing is obligational. The founders received technical suturing education alongside other medical students from Danish Doctors, to master the skill of suturing. The founders quickly realized that the technique of suturing is hard to learn and moreover very time-consuming. Time-consuming not only for the student, but also for the university, the doctor, the hospital and so forth. The founders learned in the medical field via conversations with chief doctors and chief nurses that the saying ‘time is money’ really is true.

The company Esgaard was created in October 2017 with the dream of increasing the speed and easiness of wound-treatment and the required quality every time.

The Stitcher was born.